Trudy – sax and singing teacher in Guildford

Trudy is a saxophone and singing teacher in Guildford.  She is passionate about the importance of teaching music to aid in an individual’s development and strives to teach in an engaging and relaxed manner. Trudy aims to help her students achieve their full potential in an approachable and creative fashion.

Currently studying Actor-Musician at the Guildford School of Acting, Trudy has experience in many artistic fields, including acting and dance as well as music, and is a versatile musician with knowledge in both Classical and Jazz musical styles.

Trudy has achieved ABRSM Grade 8 in alto saxophone and despite initially being trained classically has furthered her knowledge of jazz and improvisatory styles through her experience in the University of Surrey Big Band. With experience in choirs as well as solo singing and musical theatre, Trudy is able to teach her students a range of singing styles as well as musical abilities including aural skills, projection and engagement with the audience. Her experience includes being a member of the Cantamus Girls’ choir, the NYCGB Girls’ choir, and her current studies at GSA.

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