Rosnan – piano teacher

Rosnan is a BA Hons music student at Oxford Brookes University.  He is classically trained, completing ABRSM Grades 1-8 Piano at a very young age.  Rosnan also made a decision early on to explore his own specific interests in anime music. ‘As a growing pianist and teacher, I want to teach students that there are different approaches in learning piano, whether it is learning or performing as a pianist. Regardless of any expectations given or how fast one may learn music, I believe that anyone can perform and grow their potential as a musician with time and effort, given the support to do so.  ”Do not let the music you play define who you are, but rather, define yourself through how you define the music with your playing”.‘ Rosnan says, regarding amine… ‘I have always felt limited to what I could play on the piano. All the music I could play on the piano were all pieces from piano sheets and grade pieces. I wanted to change this at the age of 16, where I had explored what anime music is, beginning to play and learn anime music on the piano. 4 years later, I am now able to improvise on the piano, arrange music in the same style of anime, establish my own style in piano compositions and perform anime music as a new genre of music to others.As a musician, there is one thought towards music that I keep in mind, helping me grow and stay motivated: