Portrait picture of Rosnan

Rosnan – piano teacher

Rosnan is an MA student, studying Creative Industries at Oxford Brookes University. He is classically trained, completing ABRSM Grades 1-8 Piano at a very young age. After his initial achievements in the completion of ABRSM grades, he decided to invest time into his passions to learn new ways in learning piano. Having played piano since the age of 6, he has delved into the field of improvisation and composition within the music of anime, starting from when he was 16. After the years of reflection of his new lessons and skills, he teaches:

”Do not let the music you play define who you are, but rather, define yourself through how you define the music with your playing”

Rosnan believes that Piano lessons do not have to only include the teaching of piano skills; that there are many skills that can be learnt in all fields of learning and education, applicable to all areas of study and work. As a result, he teaches transferable skills and different ways to think/understand music on top of piano techniques.

“As a growing pianist and teacher, I want to teach students that there are different approaches in learning piano, whether it is learning or performing as a pianist. Regardless of any expectations given or how fast one may learn music, I believe that anyone can perform and grow their potential as a musician with time and effort, given the support to do so.” Rosnan