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Roan – piano teacher

Roan is a first year music undergraduate at the University of Oxford, specialising in critical musicology, historically informed performance and composition. He has studied piano since the age of seven, later on developing an interest in the capacity of historical musicology to offer novel insights in performance practice. He has been shortlisted in Oxford composition competitions and had a piece performed by the Egglesfield Music Society at The Queen’s College.

Roan has experience in teaching piano, music theory, and composition, having founded a Composition Club during his final year of secondary School and taken on students for ABRSM theory and A-Level Music essay writing outside of school.

Having come to the theoretical side of music later on, Roan feels that he understands some of the challenges that deter students from further study in the field. In this way, he seeks to take a more than simply practical approach in teaching, inspiring students to make connections between the music they are playing and the context in which it was written. All in the aim to produce more enriched, conceptually engaging performances.