Pilar – piano teacher (child specialist)

Pilar has a degree in Primary Teaching, specialising in Music:

‘Ever since I was very young I have always been drawn to expressing myself through music and the performing arts. For this reason I decided I should combine my two passions in life and make them my profession. I am a composer and I have composed numerous plays, musicals and songs for a well known national TV channel for children in Spain, Panda channel, where I not only composed the music but I also performed as a pianist. One of my biggest achievements as a composer and performer is to have been awarded with Honorable Mention by the Spanish National Drama Festival for the quality and importance of the music in the children’s play `La cruzada de los niños de la calle’. Throughout my career I have taught piano, drama, body language, musical language and singing. My most recent teaching experience was as Senior Educator and music tutor in Pumpkin Patch Nursery, Brighton. I loved being able to pass on my skills and love of music to others’