Noemi – piano and flute teacher

Noemi was born in Hungary. She started to play the piano at the age of 6 and started to play the flute at age of 9. After 4 years of study in Juhasz Gyula Teacher Training College – University of Szeged, she successfully qualified as a Teacher of Music and Mathematics in 1997. Before she became a mum she played the flute and piccolo in different brass bands in Hungary. She travelled a lot to festivals around the world with them. Noemi has worked in a primary school where I taught music, flute and piano. She then lived in Ireland for 8 years where she worked in a nursery as a childcare practitioner and was a private piano and flute tutor to Irish students.

Noemi moved to Brighton over 5 years ago and continues teaching piano and flute in both English and Hungarian languages. She uses Hungarian school traditional teaching methods and Kodaly methods, focusing on hand positioning, posture and beautiful melodic sound. Her philosophy is that Practising is good if we use the correct methods and she loves to see her students progress and feel proud of themselves.