Nick – trumpet, guitar and drums teacher

Nick has been playing music since he can remember being the son of a professional musician. With experiences performing in the Royal Albert Hall, Wycombe Swan Theatre, Birmingham Symphony Hall and several tours abroad with rock bands and orchestras alike, Nick is thriving in the world of music. He has been teaching his instruments since the age of 16, and now at the age of 23, has had much experience tutoring all ages whether they are children, teenagers or adults.
Nick has been playing Trumpet and Cornet nearly all his life, achieved his grade 8 at the age of 17 and has experience within both Jazz and Classical genres.
Guitar/Bass Guitar
Nick fell in love with the Guitar and Bass at the age of 12 and almost can’t put the instruments down (unless he was paying one of the others). A skilled performer, and achieved a first class degree on the instrument, in a Music Performance Degree from the University of Chichester.
Nick was always curious about the drums. Since playing from the age of 13 has also become an experienced performer and tutor on this instrument as well as the guitar and trumpet.