Nathalia – piano teacher in Brighton

Nathalia is a piano teacher in Brighton.  She started her musical studies at 7 years old.  Her main musical practices are through piano (classical and popular) and keyboard, but he has also studied viola, recorder, she plays a little bit of guitar and has experience in choir.  She is also a composer and she has very diverse range of influences of practice and creation.

Nathalia has experience in teaching instrument, theory, harmony and children’s musicality.  She’s played in different kinds of musical groups, including for choir, and has prepared instrumental groups for presentations and composed scores for theatre.  She graduated in music (piano) from UNESP (Paulista State University) – one of the main universities of São Paulo – and she had her BA thesis on Music and Cinema published by the university.  She took composition courses at great institutions and now she is taking a Masters Degree in Music and Sonic Media at the University of Sussex.

Nathalia believes in developing students’ creativity and independence by giving them tools that enable them to develop their musical language in a particular way through Theory, Technique, Harmony and Perception Teaching. Practice and theory are not different things, if taught in an accessible way they connect to each other and help the students to develop their learning.  Nathalia believes a student’s interest in their instrumental journey can be greatly enhanced if other interests, passions and everyday life are intertwined with their music.

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