Matt – guitar teacher

Matt is an experienced and passionate electric guitar player who has come from South Africa to pursue his musical goals and is currently studying guitar at the University of Surrey. He has played in numerous bands and ensembles as well as playing in the pit band for various musical theatre productions put on by the Musical Theatre Society at the University. He has been playing guitar since he was 11 and piano since he was 9 and has a passion for all styles of music, particularly rock, pop and classical music. Matt has also travelled to Boston to attend one of Berklee’s guitar Summer camps which was a great experience.

Matt is passionate about teaching and sharing his knowledge and love of music with students. He hopes to give his students the tools they need to play the music they want to play. He believes in creating an inspiring and encouraging environment for the student to learn and develop in.

We're offering online music lessons to tackle COVID-19

Perhaps you’ve never considered the option of online learning for your child, but in these months of uncertainty, virtual lessons are the perfect solution in the short term.  Your child will be excited, engaged and inspired to keep learning.  We’ll tailor your lessons to your needs and can be flexible with your arrangements.  Get in touch today!