Louis – guitar teacher

Louis first started playing the guitar when he was eight years old, and hasn’t put one down since. During this time he has studied composition, performance, improvisation, production and songwriting. 

Louis is an experienced electric, acoustic and bass guitar teacher who prides himself in making his lessons fun and interactive for his students, as he believes people learn more easily and with a greater permanence when they are engaged.  He has taught pupils of all ages and abilities and will tailor each lesson to the student’s prior experience and future goals.

Louis strives to make each set of lessons as well rounded as possible, with a focus on aural perception, exercises to improve technique, and theory.  Learning and dissecting music both theoretically and practically is also a major part of his tutelage, as this enables us to see why a piece of music makes us feel a certain way and how we can replicate this feeling in our playing and writing.  If desired, lessons can also  include training in songwriting, theory, improvisation and performance.

In 2019 Louis graduated from Goldsmiths University with a degree (hons) in music, specialising in Jazz guitar. He has however extensively studied Latin, Blues, Funk, Pop, and Rock and is equally equipped to teach any of these.

Above all, Louis takes the students goals into account and helps to create a clear cut path to achieving them. Extra work is often set for completion outside of lesson times, as frequent practise is key.  If desired, lessons can also include help for students practising for recitals, revising for grades and/or rehearsing for auditions.