Leo – piano and saxophone teacher

Leo is an experienced teacher and seasoned performer. After his undergraduate degree in Jazz saxophone at Middlesex University, achieving First Class Honours, he has since worked as a gigging performer at clubs and festivals across the UK, and as a session musician at studios including Abbey Road, and also as an English teacher. He currently leads a singer-songwriter duo as a composer, pianist and backing singer. Although active in the jazz and pop worlds, Leo has also spent a lot of time exploring other genres including Western classical music and Hindustani classical music. In his free time he likes to dabble in Guitar, Drums, and Indian Tabla.

As a teacher, Leo is very interested in the challenge of working out what makes everyone tick, whether that be a Mozart Sonata or an Oscar Peterson solo. He tailors his lessons to each individual in a way that provides enough structure while giving students the space they need to develop their own personal relationship with their instrument and with the music.