Joseph – piano and woodwind teacher

Joseph is a piano, saxophone, clarinet and flute teacher and an all round performer. He teaches at the International School of London as well as at the Richmond Music Trust schools. He recently moved to Lewes, East Sussex. He would be equally happy to teach students at their homes or give lessons from his own home or teach online. He can also teach all ages, levels and styles from jazz, classical to pop, and work with students who would like to take their grades. 

Joseph gives piano recitals on a regular basis in London, having just performed the Liszt B Minor Sonata and J S Bach’s Goldberg Variations at Cafe Yukari in Kew.  He accompanies music to silent films, having recently played for the Charlie Chaplin film: Modern Times at the OSO Arts Centre in Barnes.

Joseph also plays saxophones, flutes and clarinet with a few musical projects with Momentum, a 6 piece dynamic jazz-fusion originals band with 3 albums to their name. They play at Pizza Express Pheasantry and the Bull’s Head in Barnes. He has an Indian-fusion group called Ramajaz, having produced 2 albums, as well as an 80’s/90’s 4 piece pop band, The Mad Hatters. You can listen to his music on