David – piano, sax and flute teacher

From David… “I graduated from the University of Oxford with a first-class degree in music. My speciality is classical composition, songwriting and music academia, and I have established myself as a piano teacher, while also offering lessons on flute and saxophone. My music has been performed by the Oxford Philharmonic Orchestra and other renowned classical musicians.  I also have experience playing in big bands throughout secondary school and university, as well as my college orchestra. I have three central principles in my teaching. Firstly, I want to spark a love for music and learning – facilitating those ‘wow’ moments that begin a true passion – resulting in the learning and development driving itself.  Secondly, I have an individualised approach that revolves around the learning endeavours and interests of the student, as I believe everyone learns at their best when they are self-driven and genuinely engaged. Thirdly, I balance careful planning with spontaneity, making holistic lesson plans to ensure the student’s learning is structured and purposeful. However, I always leave room for spontaneous creativity and following their own in-the-moment learning endeavours and curiosities. Currently I am learning to be a producer and touring with the rock band ‘Mandrake Handshake’, while working as a TA in a primary school and now a secondary school. I am also a solo artist under the name ‘Silver Sakura’ where I am experimenting with combining Classical and Jazz with Popular music. My life revolves around constant growth, development and reflection on both my musicianship and my teaching practice.”