A close up portrait photograph of a man - Arthur.

Arthur – piano teacher

I am a self taught full time musician; my credentials are; that I have been playing music for a long time, and loving music for a long time.

Over my years in music, I sought direct advice & wisdom from leading names in the industry such as Jools Holland & Jon Cleary.  I believe strongly in a self propelling, intuitive approach to learning music, that never gets tedious; and only encourages further joy and appreciation for your instrument, or voice.

Rather than demonstrating short-cuts, I endeavour to show students an in depth approach to improvisation and playing by ear (which can be taught!).

How to have fun doing it? By learning all of your favourite tunes from the radio; arranging piano for a song you’ve written; or even transcribing the most virtuoso jazz piano solos from the 1930s. With constructive use of music theory & ear training, I can carry you forward into passionate playing, and/or a fulfilling music career.