Close up picture of a woman - Allison

Allison – singing teacher

Allison is a fully qualified music/singing teacher with 35+ years’ experience in music teaching in classical, theatre and contemporary genres. She has a BA (Hons) music degree and high-performance qualifications in Singing, Flute, Recorder and Music Theory. She has worked for two music services before returning to Oxford, teaching Singing and flute (and a few other instruments) to children and adults, as well as running choirs for all ages, tutoring at two Performing Arts Schools, taking part in Operas and musicals, as well as in the last ten years, becoming a Musical Director for Amateur Dramatic Societies.

Allison likes to take a very flexible approach to lessons, tailoring techniques and material to each student’s needs, including arranging music whenever it is needed and recording helpful resources in her home studio. She is always enthused by how each voice/instrument can be so individual and beautiful and works to bring out the best in vocal health, expression, technique and performance skills to aid personal artistic development, performances or exam and audition work.