Nicky, parent to Sophie says…

Our daughter Sophie is 5 years old and is still in her first year of learning the piano. Already her confidence has grown, largely due to Liz who has a natural flair in bringing out the best in children. She has a softer approach that particularly appeals to Sophie. Liz makes the classes fun by breaking up the lesson so Sophie is not just sitting in front of the piano for the entire class. They play an assortment of games so Sophie is subconsciously learning the theory side as well. Sophie is also given sticker rewards from Liz so she can chart her improvement over the weeks. This really helps her to practice.

Sophie was encouraged to take part in the SCMT Summer concert, and although initially found it a little daunting, guided by Liz all the way through, rose to the occasion incredibly well.  Afterwards she was so proud of herself for performing in front of lots of people she is now talking enthusiastically about performing again at the next one! Thanks Liz.