For Toby. This parent says…

Rachel had her 3rd lesson with Toby last night on the violin and she is really enjoying it. I don’t crowd them but can hear Toby being friendly and enthusiastic for her and she is beaming at the end – and they give me a wrap-up of what they have done which is lovely.

Toby seems to have a natural rapport and ability to relate things to her level and youth whilst at the same time being ‘teacherly’ and adhering to the musical requirements so that she learns properly. He also has a nice sense of humour.

I may ask him if it might be best to have 45 min lessons as she just seems to be getting in the flow of starting to play when it is over! I think she can concentrate that long but will ask Toby what he thinks as we go along.

I may take Rachel to the Sunday concert in Nov to whet her appetite further and maybe she can play in it next time!