For Monte. Zeinat says…

Giuliano is completely enjoying having music lessons with Mocja and is so excited when he knows he is going to see her. As you know, Giuliano is autistic and whilst he has a gift musically, it can be difficult to engage him and tap into his talent.

Mojca is really brilliant at working with Giuliano and understanding how to teach him through imitation.  She reinforces him just by adding variety and challenge the lessons. They have made amazing progress together. She uses a lot of autism training techniques; namely, discrete trials to teach him, although she may not know it. Working this way must come to her naturally. They have a wonderful relationship already and their lessons are filled with laughter and smiles and they obviously enjoy spending time together.

Monte is always really kind in general and is very sensitive to him and his moods. She will back off slightly is she feels he is getting stressed and always rewards him him a treat after a lesson. Mojca is always kind and accommodating to me and gives me feedback after the lesson. Mojca is definitely a gem and we are very grateful to have her as Giuliano’s teacher.