Music lessons in Oxford SCMT Music Tuition has grown so fast in the last year in Oxford. We have some of our most dedicated contacts and helpers based here and it has meant that we’ve recently extended our children’s concert programme and taken on 7 new piano teachers specialising in children’s learning (if you want

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Music lessons in Guildford SCMT Music tuition has some of its most inspirational music teachers based in Guildford. Many are music graduates of Surrey University and are based in Guildford full time. There is a very diverse community of musicians on our team here and we’re so proud of the hard work and dedication that

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Music lessons in Chichester SCMT Music Tuition has some brilliant tutors in Chichester. It’s one of our smaller locations but has longstanding, dedicated and talented tutors working in the heart of the City. Ackerman Music, our biggest and most long-standing associate, has a shop there too, which provides excellent links to the best teaching aids,

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Music lessons in Bristol SCMT Music tuition opened it’s doors to provide music lessons in Bristol in 2010, expanding again in 2016. The city has a magnificent music scene and in many ways is the sister to our original community of musicians in Brighton. Our tutors in Bristol come from all kinds of musical backgrounds;

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Brighton & Hove Brighton is where SCMT Music Tuition was born in 2004 and is the epicentre of our musical community. We cover the whole city, providing music lessons in Brighton and Hove to more than 400 children a week. Our largest concerts and events take place here and it is also where Susanna (head

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Music lessons in Bath SCMT Music Tuition expanded to Bath in 2016 and is growing fast. The culture and heritage of the City, alongside it’s world renowned music venues has meant we have found it both easy and exciting to plant our musical routes and build the community of musicians from scratch. With strong links

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We're offering online music lessons to tackle COVID-19

Perhaps you’ve never considered the option of online learning for your child, but in these months of uncertainty, virtual lessons are the perfect solution in the short term.  Your child will be excited, engaged and inspired to keep learning.  We’ll tailor your lessons to your needs and can be flexible with your arrangements.  Get in touch today!