Our music teachers – Susanna Cassam

My intention when building a team of music teachers was to give privately taught music a breath of fresh air.  We like to give local musicians choices.  So, we offer engaging, inspirational and dedicated teachers that differ significantly in their teaching styles.  Most importantly, we work to ensure that your enjoyment and progression is witnessed on a weekly basis.

SCMT is a musical community that plays, performs and progresses together.  If you join us, you’ll be provided with exciting incentives including regular concerts at beautiful venues accross the city.  You can find our regular updates and photos on facebook as well as on our news pages: http://www.facebook.com/susannacassammusictuition

We’ve been nurturing young musicians in the South for 13 years.  We continue to grow, progress and constantly improve together with a focus on ‘music performance’ at every step.  Our priority is to ensure our no-one ever loses their enthusiasm for the instrument they’re learning.

‘Music lessons should be fun and engaging, taught with patience and always focused on the desires and progression of the pupil.’  Susanna Cassam – pianist/SCMT founder/specialist tutor


Philip – piano and music production teacher

Philip is a Grade 8 classically trained Pianist with 15 years experience of teaching Piano.

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Timothy – piano teacher

Timothy has been coaching pupils on piano (from beginners to professionals) for over a decade. He plays in and directs several ensembles, and is also an accompanist and choral conductor.

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Lorella – piano teacher

Lorella is a classically trained pianist. She started playing piano at the age of 5 and graduated at the Conservatoire of Bari (Italy) at the age of 23 with a diploma in solo piano performance.

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Hannah – piano and drums teacher

Hannah is a classically trained pianist with a BA in Music Performance from the University of Chichester.

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Monika – piano teacher

Monika started playing piano at the age of 4 and singing at the age of 7. Because she moved around a lot as a child, music quickly became her passion as it has no language barrier!

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Zhanna – piano teacher

Zhanna was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia. She started to play the piano at the age of 7 and…

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Jack – piano teacher

Jack is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher with seven years of teaching experience…

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Penny – piano teacher

Penny has pursued an unusual career in piano, finishing school with distinction in Grade 8…

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Theo – trainee piano teacher

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Greg – piano and woodwind teacher

Greg recently graduated from the Royal College of Music, attaining a Master Degree with Distinction…

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Elizabeth – guitar teacher

Elizabeth is a graduate of ACM in Guildford and BIMM in Brighton. Having spent her early 20s gigging with various bands, she then landed a large pop tour with Charli XCX.

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Andrew – violin teacher

Andrew is a Grade 8 classically trained violinist and has recently graduated with a First-Class BAHons in Music and a Foundation Degree in Professional Musicianship from the University of Sussex.

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Alice – piano teacher

Alice is a piano and keyboard tutor with a BA Hons in Music from the University of Chichester (2011) and over 15 years of playing experience, achieving distinctions in all ABRSM Jazz grades.

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Alison – piano teacher

Alison is one of our younger piano teachers, currently studying for a BA in music at Sussex University. She is thoroughly enjoying living in Brighton after moving from her hometown, Belfast.

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Amy – cello teacher

Originally a classically trained cellist, Amy became interested in more unusual playing styles while studying her Music degree at the University of Sussex. She now aims to incorporate her classical experience with her ever-growing interests in folk, pop and experimental genres.

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Claire – saxophone teacher

Claire has been teaching privately and in schools and adult education for over 25 years…

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Athina – piano teacher

Athina is a professional and accomplished musician. She graduated with a degree in Music and Teaching from the University of Athens

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Edward – guitar teacher

Ed is a Music student at the University Of Sussex who has been playing guitar for more than ten years and specialises in modern styles of playing.

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Red -singing teacher

Red is an experienced singer and teacher having worked in the industry as a performer and teacher for 20 years coaching all ages in a variety of musical genres (classical, jazz, pop, musical theatre).

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Theresa Elflein

Theresa – singing teacher

Theresa is a German-born multi-instrumental musician, vocalist and composer within the pop, rock, jazz and experimental genres.

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Zara – singing teacher

Zara is a singer, songwriter, producer and accredited vocal coach who teaches from her home studio near Preston Park, Brighton.

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Melissa – singing teacher

Melissa is a classically trained singer and professional singer/songwriter recently graduated from studying Music at the University of Sussex

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Adrian – singing teacher

Adrian has trained with some of the top singing teachers in the UK and participated in masterclasses with some of the leading performers of their generation.

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Philip – piano, guitar & singing teacher

Philip is a multi-instrumental musician, singer, songwriter, improviser and composer.

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Jordan – singing teacher

Jordan began professional voice training when she was 11 years old with Helen Landis, with whom she trained until her mid-teens…

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Adam – trumpet teacher

Adam started learning trumpet during primary school and very shortly afterwards joined the Bromley Youth Music Trust which very rapidly improved his playing. Adam also played with various school ensembles during his education and regularly with the Salvation Army brass band.

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Andrea – piano & violin teacher

As a classically trained pianist and violinist, Andrea is passionate about music of all genres and teaches students of all ages and abilities.

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Annalies – piano teacher

Annalies is a classically trained Pianist, who has recently graduated from the University of Sussex in Anthropology. Alongside her passion for classical and jazz piano, she also loves to sing, which regularly takes her out onto the streets of Brighton to busk!

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Arthur – cello teacher

Arthur started learning cello aged 5 with the North London Colourstrings Conservatoire and has recently graduated with a Music BA from The University of Sussex.

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Clare – piano teacher

Clare is a classically trained Grade 8 pianist, with over 10 years piano teaching experience.
Clare’s teaching style is relaxed, patient and encouraging.

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Dan – piano & trumpet teacher

Dan began playing piano aged 4, and achieved his ABRSM diploma aged 16, graduating from Oxford University with a degree in music as a performance scholar of St Catherine’s College.

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Diarmuid – piano and violin teacher

Diarmuid is a classically trained piano and violin tutor with over 10 years performance and teaching experience. He has attained Grade 8 on piano and a performance diploma on the violin.

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Ed – piano teacher

Ed studied piano at the Royal College of Music and is also a former All-Britain Solo Accordion Champion. He can be heard playing accordion on the film soundtracks to Shrek, Lord of the Rings and Hugo and also has appeared on TV with the Strictly Come Dancing Band.

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Mike – piano and studio production teacher

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Emma – clarinet teacher

Emma is a grade 8 classically trained Clarinettist and has a BA Hons Music from Southampton University.

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Hilary – piano teacher

Hilary is a classically trained pianist who has been teaching for a number of years… and particularly enjoy giving lessons to beginners and young children.

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Al Scott

Al – piano teacher

Al has been playing piano for over 20 years taking an interest in Jazz Piano for the last 10 years. He values the depths of melody, rhythm & harmony, the three main aspects in music.

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Hugh – drums & saxophone teacher

Hugh is a young saxophonist and drummer currently studying music at the University of Sussex and receiving jazz tuition at Trinity Laban Conservatoire.

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Ian – piano and trumpet teacher

Ian is a pianist, vocalist and trumpeter who has been making music since the age of 6. He teaches a range of styles to pupils from beginner to advanced level, passing on his enthusiasm for all types of music

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James – guitar teacher

James is an experienced guitar player who is regularly involved with many jazz ensembles across Brighton and he has recently begun teaching for West Sussex Council.

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Jinny Smith

Jinny – piano and violin teacher

Jinny is a piano and violin teacher with over twenty five years’ experience working alongside children and young people.

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Jonathan Dear

Jon D – piano and guitar teacher

Jonathan is a classically trained pianist, professional bass player and guitarist with a BA(Hons) in Professional Musicianship.

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Joy – piano and woodwind teacher

Joy is a classically trained pianist and clarinettist and has recently graduated with a Master of performance degree from the Royal College of Music.

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Lee – guitar teacher

Alongside over a decade of experience in private tuition, Lee is currently visiting music tutor at Cumnor House School and University Of Sussex, where he also teaches on the Undergraduate degree courses.

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Leo – guitar teacher

Leo is an experienced electric, acoustic and bass guitar tutor, constantly active within the industry, having worked with artists such as Eliza Doolittle

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Louisa – piano and flute teacher

Louisa’s pupils always praise her for her relaxed and friendly approach to teaching, putting the nervous at ease and ensuring everyone walks out of her class with a smile on their face and a sense of achievement.

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Mojca – piano teacher

Mojca is a highly experienced classically trained musician (Music Academy Ljubljana, Slovenia) and is well regarded amongst her peers both as a professional pianist and as an accompanist for many students in regional, national and international competitions.

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Nicola – violin teacher

Nicola completed her performance studies at the RSAMD in 2005, graduating with a BA Hons degree and Advanced Education; with specialisms in Strings teaching and Applied Community Music.

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Norman – piano teacher

Norman is an insprational pianist who loves many different kinds of music and has a First Class BA Honours and MA in Music from the University of Sussex.

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Joe – piano teacher

Joe is a classically trained pianist (ATCL: distinction), accompanist and piano teacher living in Brighton.

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Priya – piano and flute teacher

Priya is a classically trained Pianist and Flautist who is currently studying a music degree at Sussex University.

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Richard – piano teacher

Richard is a pianist, composer and cellist. He has a BA in Music and has studied piano with Norman Beedie at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

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Rosanna – piano and cello teacher

Rosanna is a classically trained pianist and cellist from Austria.

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Sam – cello and drums teacher

Samuel has made his name working alongside numerous independent artists and his love for collaboration has brought him to play at the likes of Abbey Road Studios…

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Sofie Kay

Sofie – piano teacher

Sofie is a young, enthusiastic and experienced piano teacher who has been teaching for five years.

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Sonja – piano teacher

Sonja is a classically trained pianist with 15 years teaching and performance experience. She holds a Bmus (Hons) from Birmingham Conservatoire, where she studied piano and harpsichord, as well as a wide range of teaching techniques.

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Toby – violin and viola teacher

Toby started playing the violin when he was eight, and learnt the viola as a teenager. He nominally studied languages at university, but spent most of his time giving concerts and recitals.

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Stuart – violin teacher

To learn to play an instrument well is of great and subtle benefit, firstly to the player, and the for others. Teaching violin allows me to pass on the necessary skills so that pupils can discover for themselves its many possibilities as their instrument.

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